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Why Us

Why choose Northcliff Primary School as your child’s Primary School?

Education is in crisis. Learners are not being prepared for life beyond the school system. Dropout rates at universities are climbing and young people do not have the skills needed to survive in a competitive job market in tough economic times. In a multicultural, dynamic population, people skills and an understanding of others ensures both social and economic success.

A school, especially a primary school, has to offer more than the proud tradition of more than 70 years of history of Northcliff Primary. Tradition, good manners and self-discipline are all a part of the culture of our school. However, the fabric of Northcliff Primary nurtures the very seeds of possibility that every child holds within themselves.

The broad curriculum that the school offers fosters each child’s strengths. Every year we see our top achievers in Mathematics attaining high positions at Provincial Level Olympiads. We can boast about similar successes from our Science Teams at their Olympiads. We use Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom, bringing the curriculum alive in full colour, also exposing our learners to the wonders of Technology.

To achieve the level of success that our school is so proud of, curiosity is sparked in the class with many hands-on activities and events. Imagination is encouraged and the Arts and Languages are given equal priority with other parts of the curriculum. The ability to create new ideas is vital to every facet of education.

We enjoy amazing success in the field of culture. We are one of the few schools in Johannesburg regularly invited to participate in the Tshwane Youth Festival at the State Theatre. We have a professionally trained choir and marimbas are offered as an extra-mural. Chess is hugely popular, again with professional coaching encouraging success at District and even Provincial Level.

Sport is certainly encouraged, from the happy participant enjoying the benefits of playing in teams, to the competitive player at District or Provincial level. Swimming, soccer & cricket (including girls’ teams), netball, athletics, cross country and hockey offer everybody the chance to learn a sport.

Our highly trained teachers do more than teach – they facilitate learning, mentor, nurture and care for our learners. Our Grade 1 classes have Intern Teachers in the classrooms with our experienced teachers, effectively bringing our ratio of teacher to learners to a point where even private schools are rivaled. We offer a safe, secure and caring environment for the transition to “big school”.

We see parent as more than equal partners in education. We encourage a Northcliff Primary sense of community that is more than fundraising activities. We encourage social responsibility in our learners through the support of various causes beyond the school.

Northcliff Primary School creates a climate of possibility. To see what we have to offer, please make an appointment to speak to the Principal to find out more about this special place of learning and how we can give your child the best start to their educational career. You are also welcome to make an appointment to see our school in action.

We look forward to meeting with you!