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Inter-House Gala

Our exciting Inter-House Gala on 17 March 2023

That day was amazing!  There was Kudu, Nyala, Sable and Oribi. Kudu was shouting nonstop. There was a lot of people swimming. Everyone swam across the shallow end. My favorite part was when the teachers swam on ducks, dinosaur’s speedboats. The cheerleaders gave out lollipops to everyone. The teachers gave caps to those who had no caps. They gave us a longer break because of the gala. After that the Sable won with 500 points and won the trophy and Kudu won the Spirit Cup.

Jai Singh 3JH

All the team’s swam across even I did it was super fun. I think Sable swam the best even if I’m in Nyala. My favourite part was when the parents swam and only men swam I was shocked because my mom love’s swimming. All the parents were cheering on their kid’s team. I loved it mostly because it was acutely my firs Northcliff gala and I love this school .There are about 200 children in each team so it was very loud by the pool .ALL the teams wanted to win a trophy so we were doing our best to win one all of the team names are Kudu, Nyala, Oribi and Sable.

To win a trophy you have to shout or you have to swim very very fast everyone in the team cheered each other one if you could you could swim the length you did and your team would cheer you on.  Sable and Kudu won a trophy Sable won a swimming trophy and Kudu won a spirit cup. It was very fun at the end we all got lollipops so everyone was happy some

Kids even went home.

Yemurai Kunga      4JL

Kudu,Nyala,Oribi and Sable were just about to begin the swim across but then we hear kudu shouting very loud. So then we start over 300 hundred people did the swim  across. My favourite part was when Mr Pheiffer and Miss Jacobsen were swimming in the gala. It was so funny. I was cheering and I was so happy and that was the best Inter-house gala I hope to have it again.  Thank you Mrs Smith

Sade Ibidokun 4MF

Last Friday there was a gala between Kudu, Nyala, Oribi, Sable we all swam across. We sang screamed and shouted kudu was the loudest sable was winning. Oribi and Nyala wanted they team to win. Kudu and Sable won. Oribi Nyala lost. my favorite was singing. They called up all the teams people under 8 swam under 9 swam 10 swam under 11 swam under 12 swam under 13 swam under 14 swam sable was the fastest kudu was very fast nyala was fast oribi was fast. After we  got cray pops

Palesa Likate 2AM

After 4 years the Northcliff Primary inter-house gala had finally came. Over all the gala was REALLY FUN!, to be honest the best part was missing school. This was the first inter-house gala in 4 years and unfortunately my last but it was definitely the best one yet. This year I got to be a cheerleader and it was GREAT! The gala was pretty crazy, they got some of the dads to swim and some of the teachers which was really funny to watch. The overall Cup winner was Sable with 500 points and Kudu won the Spirit Cup. But safe to say everyone screamed their lungs out so aren’t we all winners.

Morgan Rodrigues-Flowers 7WK

Sable won the trophy and Kudu won the spirit cup. There was a lot of war cries we all did swim across and some people did a whole length Nyala and Oribi lost Sable won the whole competition

Mazen Kot 2AM

It was fun having to skip lessons for some time SABLE, ORIBI, KUDO, NYALA, are the teams.Sable won YES! Oribi came second, Kudu came third, and won the SPIRIT CUP well-done! Nyala came forth it was EXTRAORDINARY. The war cries I almost lost My Voice lucky me the dads swam it has been 4 years Since the last gala so it was amazing this was my first gala At this school I had been to many galas but this one was The best since my team won break was nice and long aaha!!

Less work more fun

Reabetswe Boikanyo 5SL

Oribi,Sable,kudu and Nyala the compeers! These houses competed in a gala on 17 march, I think everyone did a good job even if they didn’t swim even if they were shouting THEIR LUNGS OUT! That day was a very fun day, and Sable won the trophy because most of the people in sable swam and did a great job. Kudu got the spirit cup for shouting the loudest. This was the best gala I’ve been to and hope to have another one next year.my favorite part is when the teachers were swimming because they were using boats and all sort of fun stuff. That day was a very fun day but in the end everyone is a winner. THE END

Kegan Mujeni  5SL

Kudu, Nyala, Oribi and Sable were having a competition. It was really intense. Kudu didn’t even stop shouting, it was really loud. Kudu won the Spirit  Cup because they were shouting so loud and it made my ears hurt. Sable won the trophy. My favourite part was when Mrs Smith called the dads up to the pool. It was so funny. I loved it when Mr Pheiffer and Miss Jacobsen started swimming. That was my favourite part. Sable won with a whopping 500 points. Im in Oribi but at least we came second.

Nicollene Sibanda 3SP

I had the most amazing and life changing Friday. We spent 5 lessons in class then we marched to the pool. All the classes were filled with excitement and wonder. I also felt it. Me and my BFF Zoe went to our house. Kudu started their war cry and they shouted their heads of ! Then Nyala did an amazing rhythm war cry.Then my house Oribi did a war cry it was awesome. Sable did their war cry last with joy. Then our gala started and it was uber-cool. Sable scored the highest and Kudu won the spirit cup! My favourite part was when the dads and teachers swam. The dads showed us how to dive and beat your opponent. The teachers showed us how to relax and have fun on a hot Autumn day!

Tema Ngwenya 5SL

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The inter- house swimming gala was absolutely AMAZING! We only had five lessons and then we marched down to the pool with our houses. It was exciting to hear all of the houses FANTASTIC war cries. There were so many kids in the pool swimming , while others were on the stands cheering for their teams. My favourite part about the gala was when the teachers and parents took part in the competition and showed us how it should be done. When the gala was over we got crazy pops and an EXTENDED break! Awesome! This gala was by far the best one that I have attended and I hope to experience something like this again when I go to high school.

Kamor Ismail 7WK

The day finally came, it was time for the inter house gala ! We were all determined to win.First we started with some house war cries, Kudu went first and can I tell you how my jaw dropped? I was to stunned to speak and so all the houses got a little more competive , Nyala went second and then it was Oribi, Sable went last. We went to our stands and we swam the width of the pool house by house.

Each house finished and then we did the swimmers races, then each house did the length of the pool, there were life gaurds to supervise. And can I tell you how Northcliff primary swimmers are so fast . At the end of the day Sable won with 500 points , Kudu won the Spirit Cup but at the end of the day we are all winners.

This was my first inter-house gala since I joined the school and it was truly a remarkable experience! All the houses got crazy pops at the end , and it was so refreshing, luckily we missed half the school day!so all the hard work payed off after all.

Bonolo Watson 7WK